Buying and purchasing insurance can be overwhelming as there are many companies offering policies with different benefits. There are a lot of important things to consider and steps involved in purchasing an insurance policy. InsureDem provides a simple and usable product for users to have an amazing experience as they go through the steps of purchasing insurance.

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The goal

My objective was to craft an elegant interface, enhance user-friendliness, and create reusable product components. My responsibilities encompassed UX architecture, brand and visual design, the development of a style guide, interface design, and usability optimization.

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The first step in purchasing insurance is to choose the insurance you want, with the principle of recognition over recall, it is easy to identify insurance.

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A policy has many details to it, with the use of visual hierarchy, colours, typography and proximity, the insurance page is clean and easy to read.

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InsureDem is mostly accessed using mobile phones, so a responsive mobile view was designed to ensure users have the best experience while using the platform on mobile.

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