Digital product designer and developer based in Finland

Design, to me, is a thinking process that helps us understand the world by asking the right questions and creating tangible models. It empowers us to make great ideas work and solve problems. I'm dedicated to designing exceptional products with a holistic user experience in mind. My passion for design has led me to explore diverse areas in product development, delivering strategic, innovative solutions that align with both business and user needs.

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Teed branding cover image

Teed branding Brand identity for an AI developer product

Builduct cover image

Builduct (coming soon⏳) Website for a design subscription business tailored for startups

Teed cover image

Teed (coming soon⏳) Designing a website for an AI developer tool

Teed UI cover image

Teed UI (coming soon⏳) An intuitive user AI interface for developers

Built Accounting cover image

Built Accounting Designing a new user interface for quality experience

Hibank Mobile cover image

Hibank Mobile Taking digital banking to another level

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I craft awesome digital products for web and mobile.

Mobile app design

Mobile development

Website design

Idea validation

Web development

Product design

Design system

MVP development

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