API Observer

Maintaining and growing a tech product with 10,000+ users can be overwhelming, especially when features start to fail unexpectedly. API Observer is used to monitor tech services with millions of users, meaning there could be 1,000s of errors at a peak time. Time and speed are very important to debug critical errors.

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The goal

The task was to conceptualize the information architecture of the product, create a sleek and user-friendly interface, enhance usability, and develop components and features aimed at assisting engineers in efficiently diagnosing issues and maintaining organization while monitoring services.

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Issues board is a way to help engineers have an overview of solved, current and new issues. It also allows for quick access to the details of a request (command sent to the system).

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Issues tag automatically organize 100s and 1000s of similar errors as they occur, this simplifies debugging and allows for efficiency.

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On the main dashboard, the request component helps to view the request and the service the request was sent to, this reduces steps for the user and saves time.

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