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Bank operations are many and quite complex, having a unified platform to manage operation means designing to fit the system of operation at the bank and designing for many users with different role and goals. Employees dashboard is used for internal communication between staff, communication with customers and other operations.

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The goal

Enhancing complex features involves the art of creating an interactive yet user-friendly product while ensuring it seamlessly aligns with real-world scenarios, especially in the context of banking operations. My role encompasses empathizing with users, crafting UX architecture, refining interface design, establishing a comprehensive style guide, and delving into the realm of visual exploration.

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Account list component shows all the relevant information about a customer. This allows for efficiency and reduces clicks to view the details of a customer.

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Calendar is one of the most used features by all employees, it is designed to be simple, quick to recall events using colours and aesthetically pleasing.

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The meticulous component design played a pivotal role in effectively resolving the problem by enabling the team to modularize and optimize various aspects of the solution. This approach not only enhanced the overall efficiency of the system but also facilitated easier maintenance and scalability. It allowed the to address specific pain points and requirements, resulting in a more cohesive and user-friendly experience for the internal team.

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